Individual Compliance

Perhaps you’ve been doing your own taxes with preparation software, but now things have grown just a little too complicated. Maybe you were granted stock options, or you’re considering buying or selling a home. Or you retired and you’re unsure about your tax liability in the event you take a distribution.

It’s okay. Life changes often, and tax law changes even more often.

If you have complex personal transactions, we will explore the tax impact together, so you can make the best decision for your situation. 

Real Estate Owners (Rental/Residence)

Are you buying, renting, exchanging, or selling residential real estate property? Let’s collaborate and run an analysis to determine the tax effects of your transaction.

Employees With Stock Options

Are you exercising stock options and don’t know whether to hold or sell? Let’s build a proforma return and set three scenarios to help decide how many options to exercise and what tax liabilities you can expect.


Do your paycheck withholdings match your money style? Let’s review your withholdings together to ensure that they meet your needs and financial lifestyle.

Tax Planning

Should you be pre-paying your taxes quarterly with estimates? Let’s perform some tax planning and weigh your options.


What are the tax implications of a retirement rollover or distribution? Let’s discuss your current needs and determine whether will you have enough left after taxes to achieve your goals.


I accommodate busy lifestyles by being respectful of your time. I am available by phone / email / VC to allow for connection without requiring a commute to my office and taking you away from home or work where the tax information I need is located.

Contact me to schedule your individual tax conversation, email is preferred: or 510.985.9829.


Individual with Schedule C or Schedule E

Monthly Fee (Custom Quoted) Starts At:$190$125$95
One-Time Onboarding Fee (Custom Quoted) Starts At: ?VariesVariesVaries
Annual Pre-payment Discount5%5%
Frequency Of Tax Strategies/EstimatesAny Time/Unlimited ConciergeQuarterly
Year End Tax Planning Guide
Pickup/Delivery Service
Planning Meetings with Your Financial & Estate Team
Mid-Year Tax Projection - Tax planning. Scheduled at your request between May 1st and December 15th, 2018.
Federal and applicable State income tax returns
24/7 Cloud to Gather, Organize, and Sign Tax Docs
Hard copy of tax checklist and tax returns.$50
Extension filing – It may be necessary to file an extension if all materials are not received before March 1, 2021$300$300
Provide additional PDF tax return copies to banks, financial planners, etc. as requested (written authorization required).$100
Video and ScreenCast Communication
Prioritized Communication System
Unlimited SupportPhone & EMail OnlyEMail Only
Meetings w/LouiseAny Time, Scheduled in AdvanceAnnual Web Meeting
VIP Emergency Access to Louise
IRS or State Notice Response
IRS or State Audit Representations
Amended Returns & BackworkQuoted in Implementation FeeQuotedQuoted

Price may vary based on size/complexity of your return, all of which will be assessed, discussed and mutually agreed.



February 15th- April 15th

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April 16th-February 14th

By Appointment Only
Tuesdays & Thursdays 9:00am-4:00pm



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